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  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Message to University Students

    Notice Regarding Nomination of IQAC Coordinator |  
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    NAAC_Preparations Task Groups_ Cells Instructions & Notices

    Download Forms & Formats
    2008-09 Committee & Yearly Plan of Various UTD’s
    NAAC Report & AQARs 2008-13
    AQAR New Format 2013-14
    UTD Academic Audit
    Report 2009-13

    IQAC Reports 2013-14
    IQAC Reports 2014-15
    Quality Issues Workshop on Teaching Learning Processes & Res.
    Meeting Notifications & Minutes of Meetings
    New Quality Indicators Research paper
    NAAC Reaccreditation Cycle 2 Education SSR Sept. 2013
    NAAC Reaccreditation Cycle 3 SSR Sept. 2013
    Univ. Benchmark for Excellence 18/12/13
    Univ. Presentations for NAAC Team

    Download Forms & Formats

    Academic Audit Report Format 20__-20...
    Doc file
    Academic Audit Report Format 2009_13
    Doc file
    Alumni Feedback Form
    Doc file
    Alumni Information Form
    Doc file
    AQAR On Line Submission 2012-13
    xls file
    COURSE Plan Template
    Doc file
    Faculty PBAS Form And New UGC CAS Form
    PDF file
    Feedback Non Teaching Technical Employees
    Doc file
    Sample AQAR Form 2011-12
    Doc file
    Sample Hostel Feedback Form
    Doc file
    Sample Reasearch Publications Template
    Doc file
    Self Appraisal Form for Faculty
    Doc file
    Students Feedback Form
    Xls file
    NAAC Criteria I and VII Check Lists for Records Format
    Doc file
    Curriculum Feedback Form
    Doc file
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    ABOUT US      |     IQAC COMMITTEE      |     IQAC Guidelines      |      PLAN 2020 UTD's      |      CONTACT US